Login fios router | Fios router login-Bikri24

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Login fios router | Fios router login-Bikri24

Today we are discussing the login fios router. At first you need to change some settings on the login fios router then you can access verizon router.There’s a couple of settings changes that needs to be verizon fios router access.

Login fios router | Fios router login

Now go to the settings page. here it my network. so you’re click my network. This area here is already highlighted in regularly. Then you get to this information over here on the left versus main network status network connections. And log out the select network connections and then it’s going to bring up this particular piece of information here. we’re going to right now. It says broadband connection ethernet coax. you can either click this link or you could click the edit it’s gonna both bring you to the same page. My topics login fios router.

so we’re gonna go ahead and do that now so we’re gonna disable broadband connection. All right, we’re gonna apply the settings it’s going to bring you back to the network connections settings page. And we’re going to go into home office. But before that you can see where it says the status is disabled. Here so we’re going to click into network home office right now it says lan network. Home office on the lying devices that’s on the pretty much the lan network 2.4 gigahertz ethernet and coax connection.

Tap is bridges this. Is what the the lan bridge is the land bridge. itself is going to have a mac address you want to make a note of this mac address because on your primary router you’re going to need to set a dhcp reservation or a static ip address for the Verizon router. So you can get fios access point.

Fios router port forwarding



The user interface after you’ve disabled. So we’re going to go into the settings. Here down the bottom and you can see where it says ipv4 address this is the current ip address to access the router. you’re connected on the lan side currently and this is how you would access it when you’re connected from the lan side of the other router and this is the iphs that you use but before we change anything i’m just going to scroll down to the bottom here.

Where it says ipv4 address distribution dhcp server. We’re going to disable that. all right so but let’s go back up to the top first. So we’re going to change this to a predetermined ip address that i’ve already decided i want to use to access the verizon router. once i disable dhcp i’m going to enter that right now and you should enter whatever information in whatever ipa just you want to put there but you may want to go ahead and do that. login fios router

How to setup The MI424WR Verizon FIOS Router

Step 1. Before installing your new Verizon FiOS Router, you must disconnect your old router, all of its cables and any connected devices including the black Motorola box or NIM that may have been connected to your previous router.



Step2. Check your Coax Wall Cable Outlet. There may be a Coax Cable plugged into the outlet that is not connected to anything else. Plug the Red Coaxother endsd into the Red Coax Connector Connector on the back of the MI424WR Verizon FiOS Router. If not, get a Coax cable and plug one end into the Coax Wall Outlet and the other end into the Red Coax Connector on the back of the MI424WR.
Note: If you were using Ethernet instead of Coax to connect the Router to the FIOS Service, plug the Ethernet Cable into the White WAN Ethernet Port on the back of the Router.

Step3. Read and remove the White label on the back of the Verizon FiOS Router. Then plug one end of the Black Power Cord into the Black Port. Plug the other end into the Wall Outlet.

Step 4 Turn the MI424WR Verizon FIOS Router ON. Make sure that the Power light on the front of the Verizon Power Switch FiOS Router is SOLID Green.

Step 5 Now let’s check the WAN and LAN Coax lights. Both lights should be either solid or flashing Green. This may take a couple of minutes.
Note: If you are using Ethernet instead, make sure that the WAN Ethernet light is solid or flashing Green.

Step6. Read and remove the Yellow label on the back of the Verizon FiOS Router. Plug the Yellow Ethernet Cable into any of the four Yellow Ports.

Verizon fios router access

Step7. Make sure that your computer is turned on, then plug the other end of the Yellow Cable into the Ethernet Port on the computer. An Ethernet port looks similar to a regular Phone Jack but is slightly larger Black Port Power Cord
Step 8 Make sure at least one of the LAN Ethernet lights on the front of the MI424WR Verizon FiOS Router is either solid or flashing green. This may take a few moments. Note: If the LAN Ethernet light does NOT turn green, make sure that the Yellow Ethernet Cable is properly connected on both ends.
Step 9. Make sure the Internet light on the front of the M1424WR Verizon FiOS Router is green. This may take up to 3 minutes or so. If the light stays amber (similar to orange), call Verizon FiOS customer service at 888-553-1555 to get connected.
Hint: If the MI424WR Router is not successfully connecting to FIOS, you may need to release the IP Address of your previous router before the MI424WR will be able to connect to the FiOS Service.
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